About Kiddio

It all started in 2016 when my beautiful baby boy Jacob was born and for the first time I became a mum. It was all new to me and my whole world changed. Since then I started paying more attention to baby toys and accessories. I attended my first Baby Show in Birmingham and met so many creative mums with their businesses. I always had a creative urge in me and always dreamt to start my own business. After following mum bloggers on Instagram and watching Baby Diaries one particular post drew my attention and I designed my first personalised baby frame. I always love attention to detail and I always try to design something that I would be happy to purchase myself. After the frames took off I have decided to expand my little online shop. I found unique and high quality soft toys from all over the world and I started to personalise them. I bought my first plotter machine, heat press and equipment for sublimation until finally I could afford to purchase an industrial embroidery machine. That gave me no end of possibilities...embroidered blankets, comforters, clothes and Christmas gifts for kids etc. My husband helped me to come up with company name and that is how "Kiddio" was born. Beginnings were very slow but I decided to follow my dreams. Which had turned out to be the best decision.

Now , happy mum of two boys ,everyday I look for inspiration and try to follow current trends so then I can create something personal and unique than can be treasured by our little ones for years to come.

JacobCustom Embroidered Hoodie - Boy Mama Sweatshirt With Personalised SleevesKiddio